Belfast Harbour is a Port that works hard to deliver for everyone in Northern Ireland. For generations it has been a core asset to the local economy and as 2020 demonstrated, it is more important than ever in the day to-day lives of the people and businesses in this region.

It is Northern Ireland’s principal maritime gateway and logistics hub, serving the Northern Ireland economy and increasingly that of the Republic of Ireland. The Port is essential to the smooth running of day-to-day life in the region and accounts for more than two thirds of the imports and exports that come into and out of the region by sea.

Since Belfast Harbour Commissioners was established in 1847, the Port has undergone a significant transformation, and is now amongst the 10 busiest ports in the UK.

Today, Belfast Harbour handles over 25 million tonnes of trade every year, sees almost 1.5 million people travelling through the Port on passenger ferries and is this year set to welcome over 280,000 tourists on more than 130 cruise ships.

Belfast Harbour - Port


  • Turnover of £62.8m, down 4.7% on 2019.

  • Underlying pre-tax profit of £30.1m, down by 3.8% on 2019.

  • 23.5 million tonnes of cargo handled in 2020.

  • 2.3 million tonnes of grain and animal feed handled, up 11% on 2019.

  • £20m invested in new cranes.

  • £43.2 million invested overall in port facilities and estate projects, up 3.6% on 2019.